What We Don't Do, Our Friends Can!

When it comes to extensions, color, cuts or comb coils, look no further!  They are the best in the business!

Dread Haven

Phone:  (914) 627-9505   

Do you live on the South side?  Is driving to downtown Portland from Beaverton or Tigard too far for you?  Maybe you live in Corvalis or Salem and need somewhere closer... Look no further Genevieve and Thomas are in King CIty and would love to take care of all of your Dreadlock needs!  They are fantastic, highly skilled and licensed Locticians!  How do I know?  Because I trained them both myself!


Dye Dye My Darling Salon

Phone:  (503) 206-7604

Interested in adding some pop to your Locs?  Have you been toying with the idea of lightening your tips or maybe trying an Ombre look?​  Are your sides growing out and you need your Fade or Undercut kicked back into shape?  Dye Dye My Darling Salon does it all!  Book an appointment with Sara or Brianna and get your Locs poppin'!!

​Temple By Nia

Phone:  (310) 263-8729 - Text Message Only!

Not all Dreadlocks are created the same!  If you're looking to start your journey with the Comb Coil method or maybe you prefer to start Sister Locs Nia has got you covered.  Perhaps you prefer the Palm Roll method or maybe you just want your locs styled!  Well, look no further!   Temple By Nia is where you need to be!  Just take a look at her work!  She also has some amazing braiding skills if you're looking for some box braids, feed-ins and many other styles!

PDX​ Hair Extensions​

Phone: (503) 380-5585

This is an award winning shop that really goes the extra mile.  If you want beautiful, natural looking, hand crafted, dreadlock extensions, call PDX Hair Extensions and set up your consultation!  You'll be glad that you did!

​Lo Larry PDX

Phone:  (971) 222-7020   

Men's haircuts & grooming, kid's haircuts, traditional straight razor, line up, hot lather shave... This PDX native Master Barber, Lo Larry does it all and more!  With over 10 years experience you're gonna love his straight razor techniques and custom designs!  Give Lo Larry a call so he can give you a fresh look!