Brenda's Knotty Dreads


Not all dreadlocks are the same...

Some of us have way more volume than others which takes more time to do. Imagine the time difference between doing maintenance on someone with 110 dreadlocks and someone else who only has 39! Some of us have our sides shaved, others have dreadlocks to their knees. All of this must be taken into account when considering the time it takes to mantain your lovely locks! Then there are some of us that do not get regular maintenance. You are essentially putting several maintenance visits in to ONE visit. Wether you have your Dreadlocks maintenanced every 3 months or once a year... the time and cost will end up the same. Waiting to get maintenance doesn't save you anything. Not money nor time!

Keep that in mind!

Dreadlock Maintenance

  • Average time is 2-4 hours depending on last maintenance and length & number of dreadlocks.
  • We work from root to tip. Tightening your roots, entire dreadlock and tucking in loose hairs.


New Dreadlocks

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New Dreadlocks

Past Shoulders

$300 & up

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